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Track 2: Fleeting

 Hello to everyone that has been following this process/experience/journey... For months I have been involved with directing Ragtime at The Muni in Springfield, IL. This was a challenging experience that taught me more about my artistic process than I ever could have imagined while I worked with community members and newly formed friends. It has been an exercise for me to understand just what it takes to create thoughtful work. During the closing week of the show, I started reflecting on completing my personal goals and aspirations. While journaling about what I wanted to feel as an artist and creative, I noticed that part of what I had not been feeling was because I had not been dedicating time to create opportunities where those feelings could be present. I have been so overloaded with what needed to be done that I wasn't actually processing what was happening or how it was making me feel until I had no choice to. I wasn't looking at what I wanted because I was focused on wha

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